How To Add Text In CapCut Video [The Complete Guide]

How To Add Text In CapCut Video

It can be difficult to choose the best video editor, such as CapCut for PC because there are so many solutions available, some with poor features and others with poor quality. How can you be certain to locate the ideal fit with the needed features? CapCut for PC is a true powerhouse of a video editor, offering a huge selection of frames, effects, and templates and Add Text to Video in CapCut features.

From this complete companion, you’ll learn from the detailed tutorials on how to Add Text to Video in CapCut app, how to add goods and robustness to textbooks in CapCut vids, and how to make good use of the fresh textbook features in CapCut.

Capcut is a video editing program with a lot of features and effects. It is a free tool that you may use to create video effects. With the help of Capcut, you can easily create a Professional level film directory from your smartphone. All films can be quickly changed on the Capcut phone without the use of heavy, difficult obstacles because of their Pre-installed software. A program called Capcut creates a ton of amazing content for hundreds of films.

CapCut’s primary focus when it initially launched was video editing for TikTok. It immediately gained popularity. This user-friendly video editor provides several options for trimming and creating special effects. Text is without a doubt one of the most effective and widely used additions to short movies. If you want to give your recordings a new taste and highlight specific sections, adding text can help.

How to Add Animated Text to Video in CapCut (Step by Step)

The following tutorial shows you how to use CapCut on PC, and the way is exactly the same as that of CapCut on Android / iPhone in this regard. For further information, please see our detailed guide on how to use CapCut on PC.

For adding other types of overlays to vids, please relate to our companion on how to add overlays to CapCut.

Step 1. Create a New Project in CapCut: On your device, Open the Capcut App, and click the button to create a new project or new video editing project to open an already-started one.

Step 2. Import the Video: Now import the video, Audio, and Photos you want to edit to add text from your gallery to the CapCut App.

Step 3. Go to the Text Feature: Click the bottom toolbar Text button from the main interface to access the CapCut text addition screen without selecting a clip.

Click the text button

Step 4. Time to Add Text to Video in CapCut

To add some text click the Text button and You may type the text whatever Type in the desired text from the upper box, and define the font type from different countries. you like and change its font, colour, shadow, etc.


Step 5. Customised Text and add Animations

Combined with the Style tab for text, you can now also apply Bubbles, Effects, and Animation to the Text. Numerous vitality items are available in the Animation order. Choose your favourite vitality, then add it to the designated textbook by tapping the checkmark on the right.


Step 7. Duration and Position Adjust of Text

When text has been added, you can drag the text’s edge to lengthen or shorten it depending on how long you want it to be seen in your video. To do this, drag the handlebar from the text’s start or finish to change how long it will be displayed. As you saw adding a textbook using the over simple way is easy in Capcut. Now let us know some advanced functions related to adding Text in Capcut. You can change the size and position of the text frame from the preview window at the top.

Duration and Position Adjust of Text

How to Add Text Templates to Videos in CapCut

Still, if you’re new at video editing and have no idea how to improve the appearance of the additional textbook in your videos, you should always attempt CapCut textbook templates. Then it’s time to decide when and where the added text should display in your video, to do so, drag the handlebar from the start/end side of the text clip, to adjust the duration of the text. From the top preview window, you can adjust the text frame’s position and size.

A CapCut textbook template is what is it? Similar to CapCut templates, CapCut textbook templates are per-Design textbook styles and robustness, allowing you to add attractive, customisation textbooks to your videos by simply codifying the appropriate information.


How You Make Text Transparent with Capcut

Do you want your pictures or video to look more appealing to make your text transparent? Just follow these simple steps:

Text Transparent
  • With the CapCut App, You may change the transparency of the text when you add it to the photos or movie to look more attractive in style.
  • For example, you might use it to add watermarks to the CapCut videos.
  • Select the Text icon, write the desired text as it is able to fit into your photo, and then click the Confirm button.
  • To change the transparency of the titles and text, use the Opacity option in the style tab.
  • from the Opacity option set to around 30-40 and see the effects on the screen.
  • Your text should now look transparent.

How to make the 3D Text using Capcut?

CapCut’s 3D textbook creation possibilities are presently fairly constrained. You might also search through textbook goods to detect one that appears to be in three confines. In your film, you might produce the appearance of three- a three-dimensional textbook if you use the proper effect and a specific type of stir.

make 3d text

How to Animate the Text Using Capcut?

With CapCut’s text tracking feature the text may be animated automatically that also follows a selected moving text or any object in the movie. For a more professional look, you should not forget to use that tracking feature by adding text to your movie in the CapCut mod apk. The motion text auto-tracking Feature tracks an object in your video and animates your text with it.

To do text tracking in CapCut.

  • Select after importing the video into the CapCut project the text you want to add to the timeline.
  • Click the Text clip after adding text to the video. tracking button from the Bottom panel.
  • For Tracking, swipe till it appears in the bottom toolbar. Drag the arrow to Select the tracking area, then choose the exact position of the anchor in the middle of the moving item.
  • Select and start auto-tracking, tap the green Tracking icon.
  • Now you will see the text move at the same time the selected object once it is finished.
  • The Capcut’s graphs feature will allow you to gradually increase and decrease the tracking motion.
 Animate the Text

How to add various Text Effects to improve the video

The Capcut offers the following interesting options for various text editing tasks. You can make the best use of the same using the below guide:

  • Lunch the CapCut app and select the video of your choice.
  • Select “Text” from the menu that appears below the video timeline.
  • Selecting “Text templates” will give you a quick option for text design, Meanwhile “Add text” will offer the most advanced potential. The “Text templates,” “Add text,” “Auto captions,” and “Stickers” Numbers of choices are Available.
  • The following choices are available: Keyboard, Style, Effects, Bubble, and Animation
  • Enter the text using the “Keyboard” tab. For More customization Continue to the next tab to add additional
  • Click the “ Style ” tab. It has three settings, each of which is set up on a separate strip.
text and style

Fonts are a priority. Tap the previewing button to choose a typeface. The following ribbon has options for text borders, highlights, and backgrounds. The third and most complicated ribbon will require more explanation. Color – affects the color of the letter. After you pick it, an opacity slider will display, allowing you to adjust the transparency of the text.

The stroke determines the hue of the stroke. Backdrop: You can change the colour and transparency of the backdrop by dragging the opacity slider. Shadow – a colourful shadow is cast over the lettering. Two sliders govern the blur and opacity of the shadows as well.

Animation text effects

The “Animation” tab is the most important of the other tabs, which provides more customisation in the form of various effects and text bubbles. Choose from a number of text animations. These might be looping animations, in or out animations. Once you’ve finished browsing the options, check the box to store the text and incorporate it into your movie.

Watch the video step-by-step detailing how to add text and make animation:

Making a Text Effect using Text Overlays Behind Person

By combining text editing with other CapCut features, you may create cutting-edge text effects comparable to those used by other authors. One example is placing the text behind a person. Understand how to add Overlays using a Capcut. Follow These Steps:

  • when you, add text to the video, then export the edited video.
  • For a new project as the primary video track Import the video.
  • Now import the raw video one without text as the overlay track, by clicking on overlay.
  • Use the Move background, To get rid of the backdrop.
  • Ready to export the new video with overlay effects added click on export my video.

Final Word

CapCut is a tiny camera that stores memories. Everything is still in CapCut, so you can reminisce about the past. CapCut is a tool that allows users to demonstrate their recording abilities. Blend such photographs expertly in each film. It is a video editing program of the greatest quality. Create videos that reflect your unique personality. The videos have great audio and beautiful backdrop effects.

Everything appears and contributes to the beautiful video in every way. You just learned how to add text and create various effects such as animation, transitions, and changing features in this post. CapCut gives a multitude of tools for adding and changing text. Now that you know how to add text to your films with CapCut, you can use your imagination to create some extremely inventive graphics. Did you successfully add text to your videos with CapCut? Which effects did you prefer? If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.