30 Companies That Match 4% or Higher on 401k

Companies That Match 4% or Higher on 401k

Yes when we talk about salary, salary is an important part of everyone’s job. However, organizational benefits are now an important factor in recruiting and retaining potential workers. there are many Companies That Match 4% or Higher on 401k.

Most companies provide health insurance, paid vacation, and unlimited PTO to their employees. Many also provide 401(k) plans, which have become an important tool in assisting employees in planning their financial futures. Employers contributed an average of 4.8% of employees’ salary to their 401(k)s in the first quarter of 2023, according to a Fidelity research dated May 2023.

But not all companies 401(k) plans are the same. Some firms match employee contributions at a larger level, while others include profit-sharing as part of the package. A competitive 401(k) plan will have reasonable fees as well as a good business match.

All of the companies listed here have one thing in common, despite not disclosing specifics about their fees or what they match: their employees adore their job benefits, which include their 401(k)s. These thirty businesses have matching percentages of at least 4%.


Accenture works with clients to help them grow and improve their businesses. If you are a new employee, you will not have to wait to participate in our 401(k) plan; you can begin right away. We will match every dollar you put into your 401(k) up to 6% of your eligible earnings if you meet certain qualifying criteria.

While we do not publicly provide vesting details, our employees have stated that they are completely vested in their personal contributions from the start, and it takes around two years to become fully vested in Accenture’s matching contributions.


After working for at least 15 months at this software company, you are eligible for the employer’s matching contributions. As a result, it may take some time before you begin to appreciate this benefit. It’s also worth noting that Adobe offers a lengthier vesting period than many others, lasting two years.

The interesting part is that after you achieve these standards and become eligible, they offer a fantastic rate. They will match every dollar you contribute to your 401(k) with another $1, up to 6% of your salary. Once you’re in, you’ll find a very large bonus waiting for you!


3M, a worldwide conglomerate known for its innovation, shows its employee-centric approach with a comprehensive 401(k) employer matching scheme.

Within this program, 3M provides a nonelective base contribution of 3% of each employee’s pay, regardless of whether they directly contribute to the plan. Furthermore, 3M generously matches employee contributions dollar for dollar, allowing employees to save up to 5% of their pay.


Amgen, a biotech corporation, offers a unique benefit to its employees. Even if you don’t contribute any money to your 401(k), they will still offer you 5% of your annual salary. But here’s the best part: if you do put money in, they’ll match it dollar for dollar, up to 5% of your earnings. As a result, if you contribute and they match, you can receive a total of 10% from the firm each year. That’s a fantastic method to increase your retirement savings!


When you start working at the e-commerce giant, you get to enjoy a great perk immediately. They’ll match half of what you put into your retirement account, up to 4% of your pay. This is like getting free money to grow your savings!

Now, to fully own these matched contributions, you’ll need to work there for three years or complete 3,000 hours of service, whichever happens first. So, it might take a little time, but it’s a good deal in the long run.


At Apple, they have different levels of matching based on how long you’ve worked there.

  • If you’ve been there for less than two years, they’ll give you a 50% match.
  • If you’ve got two to five years of service, you get a 75% match.
  • But here’s the exciting part: if you’ve been with Apple for over five years, they offer a dollar-for-dollar match. This means they match every dollar you put in, up to 6% of your pay. It’s a great way to boost your savings, especially if you’ve been with the company for a while.


Once you’ve worked for AT&T for a year, you’re qualified for a really decent 401(k) plan. They will match your contribution 80% of the time. And the benefits are even better if you advance to a management position. Managers at AT&T have stated that they receive a dollar-for-dollar match, which means that their contributions are fully matched, up to 6% of what they earn. It’s an excellent way to save for retirement, especially if you work in management.


Biogen, a leading biotech business, provides an astonishing 200% match on employee contributions. This means you can effectively double your savings! Even if you only contribute 3% of your earnings, Biogen will match that with a hefty 6% match. And you don’t have to wait to be eligible; you may begin immediately. Furthermore, you own the matching funds from the start. It’s an excellent opportunity to increase your retirement savings.

BOK Financial

At BOK Financial, a financial services company, all employees get a 6% match of their pay. And here’s the interesting part: the amount they match depends on how long you’ve been working there.

  • If you’ve been there for less than four years, they’ll give you a solid 50% match.
  • For employees with 4 to 10 years of service, they provide a great dollar-for-dollar match.
  • If you’ve stuck around for 10 to 14 years, they offer an impressive 150% match.
  • And if you’ve been with the company for over 15 years, they reward you with an incredible 200% match.

It’s a pretty amazing way to boost your retirement savings based on your dedication to the company.


The aerospace and military industry is extremely committed to assisting its employees in saving for retirement. They make it simple by automatically depositing 3% to 5% of an employee’s salary into their 401(k) account, even if the employee does not contribute anything.

But here’s the best part: if employees do opt to save for retirement and contribute to their 401(k), Boeing will match it 75%. This means that they can save up to 8% of their earnings. It’s a wonderful bargain for employees to help them boost their retirement funds.


Employees at Comcast can take advantage of the company’s generous offer, receiving up to 6% of their pay donated by Comcast itself, with a dollar-for-dollar match on donations. Even more compelling is the seamless eligibility and quick vesting, which allows employees to begin saving for retirement with confidence from day one.


Employees at the IT company have several excellent options for their 401(k) plan. They have a choice between two appealing options:

They can get a great 100% match up to $3,000 for every dollar they put into their 401(k).
They can also choose a generous 50% match up to the IRS contribution limit.
This means that employees can choose the solution that best meets their financial needs. If they’d prefer to invest their money elsewhere, Google matches dollar for dollar up to $3,000 every year. It’s a fantastic approach to customize your retirement savings strategy.

Meta (Facebook)

The social media firm formerly known as Facebook genuinely cares about its employees’ financial well-being. They offer an excellent 401(k) plan. No matter how long you’ve been there, you can get the full employer match right now. They’re extremely generous, matching your contributions up to 50% of what the IRS allows for that year. This means that with their assistance, you can significantly boost your retirement funds. Furthermore, you immediately possess the matched funds. It’s a fantastic offer.


In comparison to other firms, Microsoft does something quite unique: they do not set a limit on how much they will match for your retirement savings. They provide you with a 50% match and will continue to do so up to the level established by the IRS for that year. This means you can significantly increase your retirement funds, which can quickly mount up.


Samsung genuinely cares about its employees, as evidenced by a fantastic 401(k) plan. This is how it works: If you contribute 3% of your salary, they will match it dollar for dollar. Even after that, if you contribute more, they will match 50% of the next 3% you contribute. Each year, you can receive a great 4.5% employer match. It’s a great method to save for retirement with their assistance.


Netflix, the popular streaming service, has a 401(k) plan that people really like for its simplicity. They don’t offer the highest matching percentage, but it’s easy to understand. Whatever you put into your 401(k), Netflix will match it with their own money, dollar for dollar, up to 4% of what you earn. You don’t have to wait to be eligible, and there’s no waiting period to get the match – you can start right away. Plus, you don’t have to wait to fully own the money they match. It’s a straightforward and friendly plan that employees appreciate.

Southwest Airlines

Working for Southwest Airlines gives you two excellent opportunities to invest for retirement. You can pick between a Roth and a pretax 401(k) plan. The best part is that Southwest Airlines will match your contributions dollar for dollar, up to 9.3% of your earnings. But that’s not all; they also pay you a cut of their profits, which has ranged between 1% and 16% of your earnings over the last decade. So it’s a competitive 401(k) plan with a great bonus.


Starbucks, the large coffee shop business, demonstrates its concern for its employees’ financial future. They have a straightforward yet effective 401(k) plan. Starbucks matches every dollar you put into your 401(k), up to 5% of your salary. With their assistance, you may make the most of your retirement savings.


Uber, the ridesharing and food delivery company, offers an extremely generous 401(k) plan. They’ll match every dollar you put in up to 10% of your salary. The best aspect is that you may start saving right immediately and you don’t have to wait for any set period of time to fully own the money they match. It’s a fantastic offer.


USAA, a corporation that provides insurance and financial services to military troops and their families, has a terrific offering. They will double the amount you put into retirement savings, up to 8% of your earnings. The best part is that you don’t have to wait or fulfill any additional requirements to be eligible, and you’re fully vested right away. This implies that with their generous assistance, your retirement funds can grow swiftly.


Visa goes above and beyond to assist its employees in saving for retirement. They have a terrific 200% match, which means that if you put money in, they will put in twice as much, up to 10% of your earnings. But what’s even more astounding is that even if you only donate 5% of your earnings, Visa will match it 100%. It’s a fantastic deal that can significantly enhance your retirement savings.


Don’t be misled by what you’ve heard about Walmart as an employer. When it comes to matching 401(k) contributions, they actually do a pretty decent job. After a year, they will match every dollar you put into your 401(k), up to 6% of your salary. For example, if you earn $30,000 per year and contribute 6% of that, or $1,800, Walmart will also contribute $1,800. Even if you work as an hourly employee, you can participate in Walmart’s 401(k) plan and save for retirement.

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