Making Money While Enjoying Videos

If you enjoy watching shows and don’t mind advertisements or adverts, you might make some extra money by watching the Top Ad-Watching App: Making Money While Enjoying Videos on the Side. There are several apps and sites for watching advertising for money that are worth investigating. This guide examines some of the most popular as well as how they work.

1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars allows you to earn money by watching advertisements. Do you want to know how it works? InboxDollars is hired by brands to collect consumer feedback on their products and services. You will be compensated for your time spent watching videos.

You could be paid weekly by check, gift cards, or PayPal depending on how many commercials you see. Watch advertisements and movies to earn $0.05 to $0.07 per view.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks, an online rewards program, now allows you to earn money by watching advertisements. Members can earn cash and gift cards by participating in a range of activities, including watching movies. To date, Swagbucks has paid out nearly $785 million.

By watching online movies through Swagbucks Watch, you can earn points that may be redeemed for cash. The lengths of the videos vary, but the number of points earned per movie is stated so you can decide whether the points are worth it ahead of time.

Swagbucks points can be exchanged for Amazon or Walmart gift cards, or for cash via PayPal.

3. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is another membership-based rewards service that pays users real cash for taking surveys and watching advertisements. What sticks out is the wide range of gift card options available, including Visa, PayPal, Amazon, and Google Play cards starting at $5. The best part is that gift cards are delivered online in a matter of minutes.

PrizeRebel was founded in 2017, and it already has over 12 million members who view commercials for money. When you connect a PayPal email address, you can get paid promptly, unlike many other reward sites. However, you must first reach a $5 threshold before the funds appear in your account.

4. Earnably

Most sites that pay you to watch commercials pay pennies for each ad you see and have greater cash-out levels. This means that receiving payment could take a long time. Earnably features a $1 minimum payout for anyone who wants to reap the results of their labor sooner.

Furthermore, you can begin earning money even while sleeping. If you prefer and join up relatives or friends, you will receive 10% of the points they earn for life when they watch commercials or do other activities. Earnably is a terrific way to increase your earnings if you have a large network.

Best of all, the platform forecasts the number of minutes required to accomplish the work as well as the number of points available, allowing you to decide whether the reward is worthwhile ahead of time.

5. QuickRewards

QuickRewards operates on a similar structure to other sites like Timebucks, offering a variety of activities that yield point incentives, such as online shopping, surveys, video games, and ad viewing. The advertising is typically informative, with videos covering news, lifestyle, and other topics.

When you’re ready to cash out, QuickRewards offers over 50-point redemption choices, including gift cards from Home Depot, Amazon, and Target. The platform features the lowest withdrawal requirement – you can withdraw as little as a cent to PayPal or $5 for a gift card.

6. Nielsen TV Ratings

Nielsen TV ratings are probably recognizable to you because they are frequently referenced on television. You can watch TV and get paid, in contrast to other websites that let you view advertisements on your smartphone.

There is no method to register. The company has invited you to participate. If you accept the invitation, you must install the Nielsen App or program on your computer. To track consumer patterns, the software or app collects data about your viewing habits. Nielsen will compensate you.

7. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the most established reward sites. The registration offer is the most generous of any platform, valued at $10 and redeemable for an Amazon or Visa gift card.

When you’re ready, you can view advertisements or participate in some of the other activities available. Home Depot, Best Buy, HSN, and Walmart are among the featured brands seeking your opinion. Points can be redeemed for cash and gift cards. You may also transfer your points to your United Airlines Mileage Plus account and earn free flights.

8. GrabPoints

GrabPoints seeks users who will watch advertisements in exchange for cash. Other activities include taking surveys and testing out apps. Earn money, gift cards, and free prizes like Minecraft codes and Spotify Premium memberships.

You’ll earn points for watching ads and can cash out for a low minimum payout of 3,000 points or $3. According to GrabPoints, some members earn as much as 20,000 points per day. GrabPoints has two video providers to choose from: Hideout.TV and Lootably. The number of points you’ll earn depends on how many ads you watch before the video starts.

9. KashKick

The majority of the ways to make money watching commercials discussed in this guide pay in gift cards, rewards, and prizes. KashKick only rewards you in cash for the advertisements you watch. You do not need to be concerned about reward points or electronic gift cards. You can pay out to PayPal once you have at least $10 in your account.

KashKick makes it easy to make money. Because all deals are mentioned in dollar amounts, you won’t have to worry about converting points. You can recommend family and friends in addition to watching films and testing out partner offerings. When they sign up, you’ll get a 25% commission on their entire earnings for life.

10. AdWallet

AdWallet is completely focused on earning money by watching advertisements. Per conversation, you can earn between $0.50 and $3. AdWallet has paid out over $1 million to subscribers for seeing advertisements on the website.

After watching the advertisement, you must take a short survey to win the promised $1,000. The minimum amount you must build in order to cash out is $10. It’s greater than on other platforms, but there are up to $3 deals that can help you get there faster.

Mastercard gift cards, the opportunity to donate the proceeds to charity, or electronic gift cards from merchants such as Amazon or REAL Ways to Watch Ads and Earn Money (LEGIT and 100% Free) Target are the cash-out choices.

Final Words

There are numerous websites and Apps That Assist You to watch advertisements for money. We provide information in this article about REAL Ways to Watch Ads and Earn Money (LEGIT and 100% Free) Whether you earn points or dollars, the top websites for watching commercials for money offer you to cash out the funds as gift cards or transfers to your PayPal account, from which you can withdraw or make payments.

Whatever program you use, the key to success is to set aside some time each day to see enough adverts and videos to accumulate enough dollars in your account to satisfy the minimal level for collection.


There are numerous websites and apps that make it simple to conduct online activities such as surveys and watch advertising for money. This post examines some of the most well-known, including Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and KashKick.

Ads can be watched for money on websites such as AdWallet, SwagBucks, and Inbox Dollars. Most platforms will tell you how much you can earn for watching specific adverts ahead of time.

Inbox Dollars, AdWallet, KashKick, Earnably, and other top apps for watching advertising for money are examined in this guide.

Most applications that pay you to watch advertising pay only a few cents per ad, although lengthier spots might pay up to $3 or more. In general, apps will tell you how much you’ll make for a certain ad up front so you can determine if it’s worth your time.

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