Add Keyframes In CapCut 2024

Editing videos in CapCut can be a transformative experience, especially when you harness the power of keyframes. Keyframes are crucial for every animation, determining the starting and ending points of specific features in your video and ensuring seamless transitions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of adding keyframes in CapCut, unlocking the potential to elevate your videos to the next level.

Adding Keyframes in the CapCut App (Mobile)

CapCut’s mobile app for Android and iPhone offers a plethora of editing possibilities, with keyframes being a standout feature. Although the process might seem intricate initially, it doesn’t demand expert editing skills. In this section, we’ll focus on adding keyframes to stickers.

Initiating a New Project

  • Tap the plus (+) icon to start a new project.
Add Keyframes In CapCut 2024 new project
start a new project
  • Click “Add” after choosing a video from your library or one of the available CapCut stock videos.

Working with Stickers

  • Choose “Stickers” from the toolbar and pick a sticker or multiple stickers.
Add Keyframes In CapCut 2024 1
multiple stickers
  • Position the sticker, rotate it, add static animations, or adjust its duration.

Adding Keyframes to Stickers

  • Tap on two little diamonds with a plus next to the play button to create the first keyframe.
Add Keyframes In CapCut 2024 Keyframes to Stickers
Keyframes to Stickers
  • Move the playhead to set the animation’s starting point.
Add Keyframes In CapCut 2024 1.2
animation’s starting point
  • Adjust the sticker’s position and add other features; another red diamond will automatically appear.
Add Keyframes In CapCut 2024 sticker's position
Adjust the sticker’s position

Exporting the Video

  • Click the arrow in the upper-right corner.
Add Keyframes In CapCut 2024 Exporting the Video
Exporting the Video
  • Tap “Done” and export the video directly to social media or messaging apps.
Add Keyframes In CapCut 2024 export to social media
export to social media

Removing Keyframes

  • Return the playhead to the red diamond’s location on the timeline of your video.
Add Keyframes In CapCut 2024 removing keyframes
Removing Keyframes
  • Click on those two diamonds next to the play button; the plus sign should turn into a small minus sign, indicating the removal of the keyframe.
Add Keyframes In CapCut 2024 removing keyframes 1
indicating the removal of the keyframe

Adding Keyframes in CapCut PC

Enhancing Videos with Opacity Changes

For those who prefer working on a PC, CapCut’s Windows app provides a platform to add keyframes to various elements. This section focuses on changing a video’s opacity through keyframes.

Getting Started on PC

  • Click on “New project” and select “Import” or add videos from CapCut’s Library.
Adding Keyframes in CapCut PC
Getting Started on PC for Keyframes
  • Press the little blue plus (+) in the bottom right corner to add it to your editing space.
Adding Keyframes in CapCut PC 1
add it to your editing space

Creating Keyframes for Opacity

  • Adjust the starting opacity and position the playhead where the animation should start.
Keyframes for Opacity
Keyframes for Opacity
  • Tap on the symbol representing a diamond; it will turn blue and mark your first keyframe.
Adding Keyframes in CapCut PC 1.2
Keyframes for Opacity

Animating Opacity

  • Position the playhead for the next animation.
Adding Keyframes in CapCut PC Animating Opacity
Animating Opacity
  • Adjust the opacity in the side menu; the diamond will turn blue again automatically.
Adding Keyframes in CapCut PC Animating Opacity 1
Adjust the opacity
  • Repeat this process until you reach the end of the video.
Animating Opacity 1,2
End of the video

Exporting the Video on PC

  • Tap the “Export” button and adjust video settings if needed.
  • Click “Export” to save the edited video.
Exporting the Video on PC
Exporting the Video on PC

Removing Keyframes on PC

  • Similar to the CapCut app, position the playhead to the specific diamond on the timeline and click on the blue diamond in the side menu.


CapCut’s user-friendly interface and robust features, especially the incorporation of keyframes, make it an ideal choice for creating professional videos with minimal effort. Whether on mobile or PC, mastering keyframes in CapCut can revolutionize your video editing, providing a seamless and visually appealing experience.


A. In CapCut, a keyframe serves as a pivotal point in a video where various changes take place, such as movement, scale, rotation, opacity, and more. It’s a crucial feature akin to the video background remover tool, allowing users to precisely control and animate elements within their videos.

A. Keyframe animation establishes the starting and ending points of an action in a digital animation sequence. These keyframes serve as anchor points for various actions across different animation programs, including Adobe After Effects, Animate, and Character Animator.

A. To animate in CapCut, make your videos more engaging by adding cool moments. Click on “Effects,” then “Video Effects,” and simply click the check mark to apply.

A. The benefits of keyframes include speeding up the animation process, enabling animators to create various movements effortlessly, ensuring smooth transitions, facilitating easy adjustments, and allowing for reuse across different elements through simple copy and paste functionality.

A. Keyframes are pivotal points that define the starting and/or ending of smooth transitions in animation or video editing. They play a crucial role in breaking down shots, whether in animation or live-action, into individual frames.

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