How to Add Text to Video in CapCut [The Complete Guide]

How to Add Text to Video in CapCut 2024
Text to Video in CapCut

A Comprehensive Guide on Adding Animated Text to Video in CapCut (Step by Step)

Accessing the Text Feature
Accessing the Text Feature
customized add text in capcut
Customized add text in capcut
text animate in capcut
text animation in capcut
adjust text duration in capcut
adjust text duration in capcut

The Evolution of CapCut: From TikTok Sensation to Video Editing Marvel

Initially designed for TikTok, CapCut swiftly gained popularity, transcending its initial platform. Discover how this user-friendly video editor has evolved to become a preferred choice for various video editing needs, especially when it comes to adding music and adding text for that extra flair.

How to Add Text Templates to Videos in CapCut

Text Templates to Videos
Text Templates to Videos

How You Make Text Transparent with Capcut

  • With the CapCut App, You may change the transparency of the text when you add it to the photos or movie to look more attractive in style.
  • For example, you might use it to add watermarks to the CapCut videos.
  • Select the Text icon, write the desired text as it can fit into your photo, and then click the Confirm button.
  • To change the transparency of the titles and text, use the Opacity option in the style tab.
  • from the Opacity option set to around 30-40 and see the effects on the screen.
  • Your text should now look transparent.

How to make the 3D Text using Capcut?

3d text effect capcut
3d text effect capcut

How to Animate the Text Using Capcut?

Animate the Text Using Capcut
Animate the Text Using Capcut
  1. Select after importing the video into the CapCut project the text you want to add to the timeline.
  2. Click the Text clip after adding text to the video. tracking button from the Bottom panel.
  3. For Tracking, swipe till it appears in the bottom toolbar. Drag the arrow to Select the tracking area, then choose the exact position of the anchor in the middle of the moving item.
  4. Select and start auto-tracking, tap the green Tracking icon.
  5. Now you will see the text move at the same time the selected object once it is finished.
  6. The Capcut’s graphs feature will allow you to gradually increase and decrease the tracking motion.

How to add various Text Effects to improve the video

various Text Effects
various Text Effects
  • Lunch the CapCut app and select the video of your choice.
  • Select “Text” from the menu that appears below the video timeline.
  • Selecting “Text templates” will give you a quick option for text design, Meanwhile “Add text” will offer the most advanced potential. The “Text templates,” “Add text,” “Auto captions,” and “Stickers” Numbers of choices are Available.
  • The following choices are available: Keyboard, Style, Effects, Bubble, and Animation
  • Enter the text using the “Keyboard” tab. For More customization Continue to the next tab to add additional
  • Click the “ Style ” tab. It has three settings, each of which is set up on a separate strip.

Watch the video step-by-step detailing how to add text and make animation:

Innovative Text Effects: Overlays Behind Person

Text Overlays Behind Person
text Effect using Text Overlays Behind Person
  • when you, add text to the video, then export the edited video.
  • For a new project as the primary video track Import the video.
  • Now import the raw video without text as the overlay track, by clicking on overlay.
  • Use the Move background, To get rid of the backdrop.
  • Ready to export the new video with overlay effects added click on export my video.

Final Word on CapCut: A Tool for Creative Expression

FAQs About How to Add Text in Video With Capcut

  • Sign in to CapCut and upload your video to launch your workspace.
  • Click ‘Text’ on the sidebar, then choose ‘Create’ in the recognized voice box to convert speech to text.
  • Customize your text as needed, and export the finalized content.

Q.3. How do I add text to an edited video?
Answer: To add text to an edited video using Canva:

  1. Start a video design project on Canva.
  2. Upload your video to the editing canvas or timeline.
  3. Click on “Text” in the left sidebar.
  4. Customize the text by changing font style, color, or size.
  5. Further edit as needed, and then share your finalized video.


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